Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum

The Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum will help make the world a safer place for everyone through international intelligence and security collaboration between global allies.

Mission, Vision, and Value

The Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum is the leading international security forum providing expertise and collaboration among Parliamentarians and government officials to increase the United States’ allies understanding of the global threats of radical Islamic terrorism and adversarial nation states, while creating actionable solutions that counter these threats. Parliamentarians, who write the legislation and fund the government, are a critical player in this mission.

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About Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum

The Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum hosts regular fora for international Parliamentarians and government officials to learn from preeminent experts regarding counter-terrorism financing, cyber security, predatory foreign investments, intelligence sharing, 5G, AI, and other relevant topics. Forum discussions offer working knowledge for legislative initiatives as well as technology tools that enhance stronger collaboration with United States’ allies to successfully eradicate terrorist capabilities and capacities. To date, the Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum has hosted 17 fora with over 1,300 Parliamentarians and government officials in attendance representing 90 countries.


Industry experts play a unique role as they offer their perspective and expertise as speakers at each fora throughout the world. Industry experts have opportunity to convey their distinct challenges at the fora and begin building relationships with these global leaders as we work together to deter and foil terrorists’ objectives while advancing American business interests.

Comments & Endorsements

“National Security at home depends on working relationships with governments around the world.”

Senator Richard BurrChairman, Senate Committee on Intelligence

“I am writing to support the continuation of the Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum.”

Hon. Julian Lewis, MPChairman of the Defense Committee, House of Commons, United Kingdom

“This multinational gathering serves as the leading international security forum covering a wide array of topics.”

Senator Lindsey O. GrahamChairman, Senate Judiciary Committee

“I would like to express my appreciation to the United States Congress, and in particular the Congressman Robert Pittenger, for his key contribution to fostering global peace and security through these important initiatives.”

Hon. Mariano FedericiPresident, Financial Intelligence Unit, Argentina

About Congressman Pittenger

Congressman Robert Pittenger represented the Charlotte, North Carolina area for three terms, with a focus on national security, foreign investment reform, tax reform, and religious freedom. He served as Chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, and as Vice Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Terrorism and Illicit Finance.