Etilda Gjonaj

Etilda Gjonaj MP

Member of Parliament

Mrs. Etilda Gjonaj (Saliu) is the former Minister of Justice and current Member of Parliament in Albania. Mrs. Gjonaj previously held the positions of Deputy Minister of Justice; Commissioner on Public Administration issues at the National Ombudsperson’s Institution; expert of the Justice System Reform at the Parliament of Albania, lecturer at the Department of Criminal Law, Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. Mrs. Gjonaj has been a civil society activist, providing contribution to human rights for more than 11 years at the Albanian Helsinki Committee, and as a lawyer she has handled numerous human rights violations cases, including legal processes affecting children. Mrs. Gjonaj holds a Master of Science degree in Criminal Science and is pursuing doctoral studies in criminal law. She is the author of several publications, research studies and scientific articles in local and international legal journals in the field of justice, as well as participation as lecturer in a number of training sessions, conferences and seminars at the national and international level.