Parliamentary Intelligence – Security Forum 

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National Security at home depends on working relationships with governments around the world. We continue to see positive outcomes from these efforts as countries across the globe are strengthening their partnerships and implementing policies and technology systems into their governments that will endure over the long-term. I applaud these vital efforts to build stronger bonds with our global partners and advance this mission. 

Senator Richard Burr 

Chairman, Senate Committee on Intelligence 

This multinational gathering serves as the leading international security forum covering a wide array of topics such as; cyber operations, global counterterrorism efforts, cryptocurrencies and predatory foreign investment and information sharing. 

Senator Lindsey O. Graham 

Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee 

I am writing to support the continuation of the Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum. Members of the House of Commons Defense Committee are amongst the UK Parliamentarians who have taken part in the Forum regularly since its inception and have found it both useful and instructive. 

Hon. Julian Lewis, MP 

Chairman of the Defense Committee, 

House of Commons, United Kingdom 

The Parliamentary Intelligence Security Forum “has become a major global forum for the discussion of security policy.” 

Hon. Johannes Selle, MP 

Member German Bundestag 

I would like to express my appreciation to the United States Congress, and in particular the Congressman Robert Pittenger, for his key contribution to fostering global peace and security through these important initiatives. I look forward to a continuation and greater frequency of the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Forums across the world in the years to come. 

Hon. Mariano Federici 

President, Financial Intelligence Unit, Argentina 

These meetings are effective to increase our understanding of the Islamic terrorist’s threat and advance solutions to defeat these adversaries. 

Hon. Jeb Hensarling 

Former Chairman 

House Committee on Financial Services 

Over the past five years, Bank of America has participated in multiple Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Fora held throughout the world. The Fora’s mission is strategic and affords the opportunity for Parliamentarians and government officials to engage with preeminent experts on issues related to counter-terrorism and transnational crime. 

William J. Fox 

Managing Director 

Global Financial Crimes Executive 

Bank of America 

Congressman Pittenger, 

I want to express my sincere appreciation for your commitment to safeguarding our Nation’s competitive advantage as the architect in the House of Representatives for the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA), included in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act. 

Hon. James Mattis 

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense 

 “I am very impressed with your initiative and its positive impact on international security and counter-terror efforts.”

Hon. Tzachi Hanegbi

Member of the Knesset, Israel Minister for Regional Cooperation

“The Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum provides an important platform for legislators around the world to be briefed on these current security challenges. As well, experts from private industry, intelligence agencies and strategically aligned think tanks provide essential policies, strategies and tools to enable legislators to develop an effective working knowledge and stronger international collaboration to dismantle the capabilities of terrorist organizations and annul their prevailing implacable resolve.”

Hon. Dan Coats

Former Director of National Intelligence 

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